Agility, speed of response, and niche expertise
Manufacturing and distribution operations management consulting firm offering state-of-the-art technologies and methods to companies world-wide.

International Alliances


Rockford Consulting Group is strategically allied with a group of international consulting firms to offer a breadth and depth of consulting specialties that equal those of larger firms, but retain the agility, speed of response, and niche expertise of the consulting boutique. The strategic alliances were formed beginning in 1999 by Rockford Consulting Group to combine the services and talent to provide world-wide clients with:

  • A global reach of highly competitive services
  • A broader array of supply chain management and information technology consulting services than each could achieve independently
  • A superior value for the investment committed
  • More agility and responsiveness than large consulting firms
  • An international expert resource pool, and
  • Multi-national/multi-lingual coverage

  • As a result of its international strategic alliances, Rockford Consulting Group offers coverage of North America, Mexico, Central America, South America, and China to multi-national firms that have operations in several continents and desire the continuity of having the same consulting firm in multi-locations.

    International Alliance Members

    North America

    Rockford Consulting Group

    Rockford Consulting Group
    5098 Crofton Dr
    Suite #1
    Rockford, Illinois 61114
    Telephone: 001-815-520-3406
    Contact: Mr. Richard G. Ligus CMC CPCM

    Rockford Consulting Group, located in Rockford, IL, is a boutique supply chain strategy and operations management consulting firm, specializing in manufacturing, distribution, purchasing, supply chain management, and global sourcing, that offers state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to companies worldwide. The company consists of a select group of certified senior consultants who have held both executive positions and have hands-on consulting experience. They have performed assignments globally, generally for $100MM+ companies, such as ABB, I.E. Du Pont de Nemours, Seton, SGL Carbon Group, Teledyne-Allegheny, True Temper Hardware, Citibank, and Accuride de Mexico.


    The VG Group

    The VGGroup (VGG) represents an array of coordinated companies, representative offices and individuals working in the engineering, consulting, construction, contracting & trade sectors. It specializes in worldwide business and project development. Worldwide headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium.


    OKO United Consulting

    OKO (United Consulting) Inc. offers a full range of business solutions to assist businesses in the Ukraine, including Strategic planning, project financing, engineering and project management.

    Mainland China

    Beijing Champion Consulting

    Beijing Champion Consulting is a manufacturing, inter-control, purchasing and financial management consulting service, established in 1999, with an established customer base of more than 1500. The firm provides consulting coverage of mainland China.

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